Market Leading Hydraulic Solutions
    We specialise in the distribution and repair of gear pumps and motors of various combinations -:

    European , Din , SAE and Power Steering units. But we can also offer Vane , piston , P.T.O , Screw type and Air / oil pumps. These can be used with mineral oil or water based fluids.
    Designed for use where high torque at low speed is required with smooth operation under high axial loads. We distribute Gerotor and Geroller motors with variable displacements.

    Also available are Orbital steering units in reactive , non-reactive and Load Sensing versions.
  • Hydraulic & Pneumatic Seals
    We can offer an overnight service for all your seal requirements.

    Either give us a call with sizes and style or bring us a pattern in to the trade counter.

    Seal types include -: wiper , rod working , vee-pack , piston working , composite , o’rings and bonded / Dowty seals etc.
  • Power Packs & Accessories
    We are able to meet all of your Power Pack requirements including a complete repair and refurbishment service , fault diagnostics plus new design and build capabilities.

    As you can see we carry a full range of Power Pack accessories which can be fitted to your existing equipment.